Eagle Energy 10 Pack

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The 10 Pack is for people looking for an alternative to energy drinks. We recommend 20 - 25 inhales first thing and then using it periodically throughout the day as you need.

• Energy inhaler made from all-natural ingredients, approximately 20 - 25 servings (400 inhales per stick).
• Made from guarana, ginseng, and taurine for raised energy levels, and enhanced endurance.
• Nicotine and tobacco free.
• Ready to use, no battery or liquid required - recommend 20 - 25 inhalations per use.
• No sugar. No Calories. No Crash.
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• Estimated delivery time in North America, Australia or UK is 2 - 5 business days
• Estimated shipping cost is between $6 - $12 USD (base rate)
• All purchases to Mainland China must go through www.xynengliang.com. If not, Eagle Energy is not responsible for orders not arriving.
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