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Is vaping natural caffeine safe?
South Alabama partnership to find out.

The University of South Alabama has entered into a research partnership with Next Level Energy Inc to look into the safety and efficacy of vaping the firm’s natural caffeine products.

Inhale Your Caffeine With Vaporizer Created By Vancouver Company

Getting a buzz from a cup of coffee or an energy drink may be so passé now that a Vancouver company has introduced a vaporizer for that extra jolt.

Caffeine Inhalers Rush to Serve the
Energy Challenged

In a culture that has already infused caffeine into everything including popcorn, cookies, lip balm, hot sauce, ice cream and, yes, personal lubricant, it’s not surprising that some people may find the simple act of sipping — coffee, tea, whatever — to achieve a buzz painstakingly backward.

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March 4, 2020

Next Level Energy Inc. Announces Rebrand and New Eagle Energy Lychee Ice Flavor

Next Level Energy Inc.—makers of Eagle Energy natural caffeine supplements—has rolled-out a rebrand on, including new packaging and the release of a new Lychee Ice flavor. "We wanted to give our brand a fresh, new look to reflect our all-natural approach to products and decided to time it with the release of our new Lychee Ice flavor in the U.S. market," stated Founder, CEO Elliot Mashford.

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December 18, 2019

Caffeine Buzz on Trial in Research Partnership Between Next Level Energy Inc. and the University of South Alabama

To demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of its Eagle Energy natural caffeine vaporizers, Next Level Energy Inc. has engaged in a research partnership—including clinical trials—with the University of South Alabama's Department of Health, Kinesiology and Sport, which has published clinical trials on other caffeine supplement products and energy drinks.

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November 19, 2019

Next Level Energy Inc. Announces New Subsidiary 'Eagle Labs Inc.' and Development of Rechargeable POD System for its Proprietary Caffeine Formula

Next Level Energy Inc.—makers of Eagle Energy natural caffeine supplements—is pleased to announce the launch of Eagle Labs Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary focussed on research and development of plant-based products and delivery systems.

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November 13, 2019

Next Level Energy Inc. Reports 462% Revenue Gain from Sales of Eagle Energy Natural Caffeine Vaporizers

Next Level Energy Inc.—makers of Eagle Energy natural caffeine vaporizers—is reporting fiscal 2018/19 as its first profitable year, with a growing, loyal customer base and expansion to international markets driving a 462% revenue gain.

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