Our Story


We are committed to researching, developing and innovating caffeine delivery systems that are effective, efficient and provide value to our customers.

Elliot Mashford and Karson Hutchinson co-founded Eagle Energy with the goal of providing caffeine users with an effective alternative to coffee and energy drinks. Both student-athletes at the University of British Columbia, Elliot and Karson relied on caffeine supplements on a daily basis to keep up with school, sports and social life. When they got sick of consuming copious amounts of caffeinated beverages and supplements, and could not find an attractive alternative, Elliot and Karson recognized a groundbreaking opportunity to combine emerging electronic vaporizer technology with plant-based caffeine supplements. As frequent consumers of caffeine, they knew a viable alternative to energy drinks would need to provide the same benefits of traditional caffeine supplements, without the negative health impact and other related drawbacks. The end result: Eagle Energy.

Letter From The CEO

We created Eagle Energy to address one of the world's biggest problems in one of the most lucrative markets. Eagle Energy started out as a great idea, but quickly faced many challenges. Developing an electronic vaporizer for caffeine delivery required significant investment and production trials. With the support of the University of British Columbia and our shareholders, we have had the privilege of embarking on this journey to create a technology that is both superior to its competitors and a viable replacement to energy drinks and coffee. We are dedicated to the constant innovation of the products we bring to market and to paying attention to the feedback of our valued customers. We look forward to continuing to innovate the Eagle Energy technology and offer new product lines in the coming years, with a key focus on providing value to the customer. What started out as a proof of concept has since become a mission to positively impact the lives of caffeine users around the world. Eagle's team believes that technology, education and persistence are the keys to creating a unique alternative to traditional caffeine supplements.

Elliot Mashford
CEO, Eagle Energy