Learn More About Eagle Energy

What is Eagle Energy?

Eagle Energy is a plant-based caffeine inhaler which provides an effective and fast acting energy boost via inhalation.

How does Eagle Energy compare to an energy drink?

  • Eagle Energy takes 3-5 minutes to take effect versus an energy drink which takes 35-40 minutes.
  • Eagle Energy contains no sugar or calories.

Is Eagle Energy safe?

Eagle Energy heats a plant-based caffeine solution for inhalation. This process produces no smoke, meaning that the vapors do not contain any contaminants, but only the active ingredients. The guarana (caffeine) is taken up into the lungs efficiently and the effect can be felt after just a few minutes.

Naturally Occurring Caffeine

Unlike the synthetic caffeine found in most conventional energy drinks, Eagle Energy uses a plant-based caffeine called guarana. This source of caffeine provides a natural, longer-lasting energy without the adverse side effects experienced with synthetic caffeine, such as jitteriness or a sudden crash.

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