A Better, Healthier Way to Boost Your Energy

Eagle Energy exists to provide an energy boost as it should be: easy, plant-powered, and instant, with no sugar or calories.

WHY inhale vs. drink caffeine?


Developed as a healthy, convenient caffeine alternative, Eagle Energy has NO sugar, NO calories—and of course—NO nicotine. Just plant-powered goodness fueled by guarana, along with ginseng, and vitamin B12.


When you breathe in Eagle Energy’s natural, plant-based caffeine, you will start to feel an energy boost in about 5 minutes, while a sugar-filled energy drink takes over 30 minutes to take full effect.


Guarana seeds contain 5 times more caffeine than coffee beans, which makes Eagle Energy caffeine pens a cheaper way to boost your energy than buying coffee or energy drinks every day.


Ingested caffeine stays in your system for over 5 hours, which can cause jitters and impact sleep. When inhaling caffeine, it metabolizes quite quickly and lasts about 1 hour, which means you can control the level and duration of your energy boost.


Some people find that drinking caffeine can cause an irritated stomach and other uncomfortable gastrointestinal side effects. This concern is eliminated with the natural caffeine derived from guarana berries in Eagle Energy, along with no bathroom breaks.

RESEARCH Partnership

To demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of inhaling caffeine with Eagle Energy natural caffeine supplements, we have engaged in a research partnership—including clinical trials—with the University of South Alabama’s Department of Health, Kinesiology and Sport Exercise Science, which has published clinical trials on other caffeine supplement products and energy drinks.

Initial tests include measuring the effects of Eagle Energy on mental acuity, coordination and reaction time. Preliminary results are coming in and we’re excited! Stay tuned.

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