Some Common Questions

What is Eagle Energy?

The key ingredient in Eagle Energy is caffeine sourced from all-natural guarana extract. Other ingredients include Vitamin B12, Ginseng, and plant-based flavour additives (terpenes).

Eagle Energy is a caffeine delivery system. The temperature control, formula and internal components have been designed specifically for the delivery of caffeine. Eagle Energy does not contain nicotine or use the same processes as E-cigarette products.

Eagle Energy has 400 inhalations per unit, assuming 3 seconds per inhalation. Suggested serving is 25 inhalations.


Eagle Energy units are best used within 8 months of being produced. Each package is stamped with a manufacturing date, meaning the product is good for up to 8 months following this date.

Although there is no minimum age requirement, we recommend Eagle Energy to anyone 18+.

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