It all started when two overwhelmed and over-caffeinated student-athletes struggled to keep up with studies, sports, and fun on campus by consuming copious amounts of sugary, caffeine drinks. From a single pivotal question, to research support from the University of British Columbia along with some enthusiastic investors, the Eagle Energy brand has been built on persistence, hard work, and feedback from our valued customers.

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Our Caffeine Pen TECHNOLOGY

Backed by an unwavering commitment to research, quality and innovation, Eagle Energy utilizes a proprietary, plant-based formula—including guarana extract, ginseng extract, and vitamin B12—and a customized heating system engineered to deliver a natural, effective, and inhalable caffeine alternative.

“We developed Eagle Energy based on a decade of data on electronic vaporizer products, and continue to raise the bar on research, including a clinical trial partnership with the University of South Alabama’s Department of Health, Kinesiology and Sport.”

– Elliot Mashford, CEO


To elevate and inspire high-energy, healthy living through clean, natural energy supplements.