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How to Boost Your Metabolism

When you focus on increasing your metabolism, your energy gets a natural boost too.

Metabolism is one of those words that makes athletes smile and middle-aged people cringe, as it’s the driving force behind how easy or hard it is to lose weight and keep it off. It all comes down to your ‘metabolic rate’—the higher it is, the more efficiently you burn calories.

But before your eyes glaze over thinking about how you’re going to find time to work out more, the bonus benefit of a higher metabolism is: increased energy and feeling good.

The best part? Boosting your metabolism is not all about the gym.

Of course, exercise is in the mix, but you can increase your metabolic rate plenty of other ways. And it’s easier than you think.

Here are the Top 10 recommendations on how to boost your metabolism, including links to science-based articles and studies to back it up:

How to Boost Your Metabolism: 10 Science-backed Ways

1. Eat protein at every meal

Eating just carbohydrates without protein is a fast-track to energy slumps and afternoon naps. By including protein in every meal (think chicken with salad, protein shakes, or even fish with chips), you can maintain a glycemic balance, burn more calories, reduce cravings for unhealthy snacks, and maintain muscle mass.

2. Cook with coconut oil vs. regular cooking fats

Coconut oil is high in ‘medium-chain fats’ which increase your metabolism more than ‘long-chain fats’ that are found in butter and vegetable oil. So, step away from the Crisco and stock-up on coconut oil. An easy fix and it tastes great.

3. Drink more water, especially cold

Your body is mostly water, so staying topped up throughout the day is the key to flushing out toxins, keeping your skin clear, your head focussed, and controlling weight by helping you feel full. Studies have also shown that water speeds up your metabolism, and by drinking cold water, the boost is increased even further as your body uses energy to heat it up to body temperature.

4. Work out at high intensity

When you mix up your exercise routine with high-intensity interval training—as in quick bursts of energy like sprints or spinning—you can boost your metabolism while burning more fat. And the post-workout feel good energy rush is worth it.

5. Move more than you sit

Sitting is called “the new smoking” for a reason. Studies show that being sedentary for long periods of time not only slows your metabolism, it’s bad for your health, including higher risk of cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and more. Set a timer to stand up regularly and move, or better yet, invest in a standing desk.

6. Make weight training part of your routine

In this article, where resistance training is described as “medicine,” the importance of making weight training part of your routine is clear. In short, muscle is more metabolically active than fat, and by consistently lifting weights, you build and retain muscle. Higher amounts of muscle equals higher metabolism and increased energy.

7. Drink green tea

Antioxidant-rich green tea has been shown to increase metabolism, converting some of the fat stored in your body into fat-burning, free fatty acids, along with improving brain function, weight loss, and more. At the same time, it’s relatively low in caffeine and easy to add to your daily game plan, hot or on ice.

8. Drink coffee

Along with fat-burning qualities similar to green tea, studies confirm that the caffeine in coffee can significantly increase your metabolism and energy levels.

While that probably doesn’t surprise you, here’s where we can’t help but jump in and say that if coffee gives you gastro-grief, the natural caffeine derived from guarana berries in Eagle Energy is an easy, plant-powered alternative. Plus, when you breathe in vs. drink caffeine, it metabolizes quite quickly to give you an instant energy boost that lasts about 1 hour. Which means you control the level and duration of your energy boost vs. coffee staying in your system for over 5 hours. It’s totally portable, there when you need it, and doesn’t require bathroom breaks. You get the picture.

9. Eat more spicy foods

Chili peppers contain ‘capsaicin’ which studies have shown to be metabolic boosting, which might explain why some of us break out in a sweat when we eat spicy foods. It’s not as high-impact as caffeine on the metabolism boosting scale, but if spicy foods are your thing, it’s a thumbs-up for more than just flavor and the mind-numbing thwhack when you eat it.

10. Sleep better and deeper

If you are sleep deprived, know that more than your metabolism takes a hit. Lack of sleep has been linked to increased blood sugar levels driving hunger and weight gain, not to mention decreased concentration and productivity. Make self-care and getting your zzzz’s a priority, and consider doing more of #4, #5, and #6 to make sure you’re tired when you head to bed.

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