How to Pivot During a Pandemic—One Peak Creative

How to Pivot During a Pandemic—One Peak Creative

An entertaining marketing case study on thriving vs. surviving during a pandemic.

First the back-story:  Megan and Glen Jackson founded One Peak Creative out of Vancouver, BC in 2015, then moved to Kelowna, BC; partnering with videographer, Conar Fair, in 2019. The team started taking on larger scale projects, including a 2020 Super Bowl ad for Expedia starring Jillian Harris of ‘Bachelorette’ and ‘Love It or List It’.

Talk about a great boost for this rising, full-service video production agency. Things were looking really good.

So, when the COVID-19 lock-down hit in March, the One Peak team was not about to sit back and wait as their video shoots were either cancelled or postponed. Instead, they moved into one house, pulled together and came up with the now famous “Adsolation” campaign, where 5-days a week, they conceptualized, acted, shot, edited, produced and posted a random product commercial.

“It was all about figuring out how to pivot and transition through the pandemic shut-down. And it was honestly terrifying,” declared One Peak’s Conar Fair.

“None of us had ever acted before let alone produced a commercial in one day. And then day after day. We literally chose products we had around the house, like Tide and Heinz mustard, brainstormed storylines and ran with it, hoping we could do the brand justice inside 24-hours.”

Adsolation got immediate traction, but you could say things peaked in Episode #10 on Aviation Gin, when co-owner, Ryan Reynolds, commented on their Bonnie & Clyde-style commercial where his gin makes a bad day better. Then his wife, Blake Lively, also chimed in and One Peak’s Instagram following surged from 2,000 to over 23,000. Next came some media interviews, and One Peak suddenly had brands approaching them.

Adsolation has now been scaled down to one commercial per week, giving One Peak time to focus on more projects, including Eagle Energy.

Working with One Peak

We are pumped and honored to be working with this innovative video team; recently releasing a series of videos of Eagle Energy fans enjoying life.

“This work to play transition was a great way to show the portability of Eagle Energy and the shift from work to getting outside and having fun.” 
- Conar Fair: Videographer, One Peak Creative

“The hiking sequence was all about active people enjoying the outdoors, taking Eagle Energy with them, and basically the ease at which it fits into your lifestyle.”
- Conar Fair: Videographer, One Peak Creative

“The city shoot encapsulates young professionals taking Eagles with them for energy on a break, instead of stopping to buy coffee.”
- Conar Fair: Videographer, One Peak Creative

 More Eagle Energy video shoots in the works—stay tuned!