Eagle Energy VS. Energy Drinks

Eagle Energy VS. Energy Drinks

Caffeine—we love it, we need it, and as we covered in Caffeine Science, there’s more to this stimulant than you might think. What’s clear is that whether you get it in your morning coffee, enjoy it cold and straight-up as an energy drink, or inhale it with Eagle Energy, caffeine is a daily must-have for most.

We are often asked what the main differences are between inhaling and drinking caffeine, and although Eagle Energy and energy drinks have the same goal—to increase energy and mental performance—they’re more different than alike, starting with ingredients.

  • Energy drinks are caffeinated beverages containing sugar, vitamins, amino acid derivatives, and herbal extracts.
  • Eagle Energy is made from the seeds of guarana—the caffeine-rich Amazonian plant—along with ginseng and vitamin B12.

Where the gap really widens is how the caffeine affects your body when you inhale vs. drink it. The top 5 differences are:

1. Instant energy
When you breathe in Eagle Energy’s natural, plant-based caffeine, you will start to feel an energy boost in about 5 minutes, while an energy drink takes over 30 minutes to take full effect.

2. No unnecessary calories or sugar crashes
Sugar is typically the main source of calories in energy drinks which leads to weight gain and sugar crashes. Eagle Energy has no sugar or calories.

3. Ability to control the effects
Ingested caffeine stays in your system for over 5 hours, which can cause jitters and impact sleep. However, when inhaling caffeine, it metabolizes quite quickly and lasts about 1 hour. Which means with Eagle Energy, you can control the level and duration of your energy boost.

4. Avoid stomach aches and gastro-issues
Some people find that drinking caffeine can cause an irritated stomach and other uncomfortable gastrointestinal side effects. This concern is eliminated with the natural caffeine derived from guarana berries in Eagle Energy.

5. Portable with no bathroom breaks
Eagle Energy is easy to take with you for an on-the-go energy boost, and because you don’t have to drink it, there are no bathroom breaks required. Perfect for a quick workout enhancer, work/study break, or late-night shift workers that need to sleep when they get home.

Bottom line: Eagle Energy puts an easy, instant, natural spin on an energy boost.