When Coffee and Your Stomach Do Not Get Along

If coffee gives you a stomach ache or other gastro-issues, here are 5 energy-boosting alternatives.

For many of us, caffeine is a motivational life force that’s part of our daily routine—but for some, it causes discomfort. There are options.
The Science of Caffeine

There's more to this stimulant than you think.

As the world’s most widely used go-to for an energy boost, caffeine is a socially acceptable drug for a reason. Not only does it taste great, studies suggest it can improve mood and concentration, sharpen our focus, and even help burn fat by boosting metabolism.

The Lowdown on Lychee

Five things you may not know about this tropical treat.

Lychee fruit (pronounced “lie-chee”)—which looks like a raspberry and has the texture and taste of a sweet grape, with a side of pear and watermelon—is as confusing as it is exotic. Read on for more on what inspired our new Lychee Ice flavor.

How the Eagle Landed

The back-story behind Eagle Energy.

“What if we could inhale caffeine?” said the overwhelmed and over-caffeinated student-athletes, Elliot Mashford and Karson Hutchinson, as they struggled to keep up with studies, sports, and fun on campus by mainlining sugary, caffeine drinks and shaky supplements.