“After the fifth hit, a promising tingle in the fingertips emerged. At 10 hits, it was an official buzz, albeit more the tingly, full-body caffeine glow”
- Alex Williams | New York Times

“The Eagle Energy has successfully replaced my morning coffee and is definitely better for focusing,”
- Jake Reeves | Huffington post

“I rather like these things.”
- Andrew Tarantola | Engadget

Some Common Questions

What is Eagle Energy?

It's an electronic vaporizer containing caffeine, taurine, and ginseng. Efficient delivery via inhalation and simple, all-natural ingredients provide users with an energy boost that is both quick to take effect and long-lasting.

Why is an Eagle Energy better than an energy drink?

Effectiveness & Usability. An energy drink is like the internet in the 90's, remember that? With Eagle Energy, it takes 30 seconds to one minute to increase your mental alertness versus an energy drink that takes 30 minutes to an hour to finally kick in.

Who is Eagle Energy for?

Eagle Energy is for people that need to be focused. We recommend Eagle Energy to anyone 18+. Eagle Energy is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women, and caffeine sensitive people.

How Does Eagle Energy Work?

We use an innovative technique of heating our unique liquid to the perfect temperature to get the most out of each ingredient to. Meaning you’re inhaling effective natural energy and no weird byproducts.

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